Sarah Barton

Digital and Design Executive

Sarah is a Social Media & Design Executive at BlytheRay, joining the team in 2021.

Prior to joining BlytheRay, she studied illustration at Norwich University of the Arts, and, since graduating in 2018, she has used her creative skillset across many industries, from ceramics to children’s toys, as well as for interactive media production in Marseille, where she worked while studying for her certificate in Entrepreneurship in the European Creative Industries.

Sarah joined BlytheRay after getting the taste for the fast-paced nature of PR at an international government relations agency. In an increasingly digital world, she enjoys the challenges and opportunities of working on social media campaigns for the whole spectrum of BlytheRay clients to elevate their digital presences, or develop new ones, finding new applications for her creative skillset while building on existing ones.

Outside of work, she’ll often be found enjoying all that London has to offer, whether that be exploring the city and its parks, indulging in the great food, taking in art exhibitions and live shows, or watching the rugby.


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