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When a company is going through a crisis, its biggest asset is a well-thought-out plan, enabling timely, proactive articulation of the issues being faced with shareholders and stakeholders, as well as with the media and wider public. This concise, transparent, and rigorous plan, which is in line with company values, should be in place before a crisis arises. This is where BlytheRay comes in.

Our team, which has successfully worked with clients undergoing crises across the globe, will help clients plan for, and mitigate, any crises their organisation could reasonably expect to face, arming them with succinct and effective communication strategies.

We will work alongside businesses that are in the midst of a crisis to help contain the situation and manage the flow of information: think of BlytheRay as your 24/7 communication support who will work decisively to ensure the company’s reputation is upheld in line with its missions and values.

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What China’s Slowdown Means for the World

At the beginning of 2023, the outlook for the Chinese economy was positive. With the zero-covid policy abandoned, tourists and domestic consumers had free reign to push the economy back to pre-covid levels. However, in October of this year, China exported 6.4% less compared to the same period last year, according to the nation’s customs […]
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Cornish Metals – Opening of Water Treatment Plant at South Crofty

In October, Cornish Metals officially opened the Water Treatment Plant at the South Crofty Tin Project, marking the commencement of dewatering the mine. This is an important milestone for the continued advancement of the Project towards an investment decision. The opening event was attended by local politicians, members of the community, contractors, service providers and […]
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BlytheRay Hosts AOW Events and an Energy Dinner

Africa Oil Week 2023 In October 2023, the BlytheRay team flew to Cape Town to host and attend fringe events around the Africa Oil Week conference. The conference brings together governments, regulators, global operators, power producers, investors and service providers, with a large cohort from London in attendance. BR, along with its co-hosts Crowe UK, […]
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