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BlytheRay is a member of the UK Government’s ‘Registrar of Consultant Lobbyists’ and, as such, is authorised to carry out Government affairs campaigns.

We like to work with our clients to build long term relationships with the communities in which they operate and their local council representatives as well as their MPs and the relevant Secretaries of State, Ministers and Government departments.

At the national level, we are used to working with Select Committees and All Party Groups on a wide range of issues.

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The Tumultuous UK Rental Market

The cost-of-living crisis has engulfed the UK and has been at the centre of the news agenda since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.
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Strategic investment injected into the heart of Cornwall

Cornish Metals raises £40.5 million, including a strategic investment of £25 million by Sir Mick Davis’ Vison Blue Resources
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The Evolution Of The AI Revolution

BlytheRay takes a dive into the world of the AI digital revolution, looking at the supply and demand of past, present, and future markets influenced by AI innovation.
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