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The nature of ‘the media’ has evolved from the traditional print, radio, and television to span across multiple social media platforms, meaning that building a client’s digital footprint is a vital part of an effective communications strategy.

At BlytheRay, we establish a social media strategy that befits a client’s individual goals and echoes the messaging that is woven throughout their presentations, company website, and so on. We post regularly, reporting on our client’s business activity, as well as relevant industry news to place our client as a thought-leader within their sector.

Company announcements are constructed into bitesize campaigns to remind followers of the business’ strengths. The impact of this is monitored and measured and the quantitative and qualitative data is then used to inform future social media messaging.

We also understand how effective it can be to leverage the power of other online destinations, such as Google, to get a client’s business in front of new audiences. We can design and execute a creative and engaging digital marketing strategy, which includes paid advertising, to achieve the desired outcome, whether that be attracting potential investors or increasing brand awareness.

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