Vitamins, Christmas chocolates and healthy body clocks

A study conducted by the University of Exeter suggested that going to sleep between 10pm and 11pm can lower the risk of heart disease. The results showed that people who went to bed before 10pm were 24% more likely to develop the disease: something to keep in your locker as a retort for when people act overly smug with their pre-watershed bed routine. The study found that going to bed too early or too late (going to bed after midnight increased the risk by 25%) disrupted a healthy body clock which can have negative implications for cardiovascular well-being. 

Another piece of news this month that may have negative implications for a healthier lifestyle is that avoiding eating the whole tin of celebrations at Christmas is going to be a lot more difficult: you can now swap the leftover lamented Bounties (that might sound dramatic, but according to research 52% of the UK population think they’re the absolute worst) for the far superior, Maltesers Teasers. The ‘Bounty Return Scheme’ is launching in January 2022 meaning you can finally clear out that celebration tin so it can be used to store miscellaneous junk, that’ll cause heartbreak in March when you go to it expecting a sweet treat.

Diving into chocolate selection boxes plus party season plus sub-zero temperatures can sometimes leave you a prime target for that winter cold. Another story from the Telegraph this week provided a breakdown of the most highly recommended vitamins and minerals that can help fend off that under the weather feeling. The research, which was carried out by BMJ Open, highlights how zinc supplements can shorten the length of a cold by up to two days and that regular consumption can in fact reduce the risk of developing a cold altogether. Other top selections were vitamin C, honey (which has antimicrobial properties) and vitamin D.

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