Will Jones

Senior Account Executive

Will is an Account Executive at BlytheRay and joined the Company in 2022.
Will graduated from Cardiff University in 2022 with a First-Class Honours in Journalism. Keen to pursue a career in a fast-paced media environment, Will looked to the world of PR – placing particular emphasis on working in the City.
Whilst Will’s role at BlytheRay is his first full-time job, he has accumulated bountiful media experience, amassing 15,000 followers on his motorsport blog, and founding and editing a successful student current affairs magazine that offered a team of 20 young journalists their first by-line. Will is keen to transfer his passion for writing into financial PR, simultaneously building on his degree to further discern the role of the press in the functions of the City.
Will spends an increasing amount of his free time listening to music and attending concerts and festivals, contributing his reviews to various music publications. That’s not to say he doesn’t like to occasionally press pause and escape to more peaceful surroundings – whether that be running through his local forest, blasting down mountain bike trails, or travelling.


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