BlytheRay Hosts AOW Events and an Energy Dinner

After a two year hiatus, the BlytheRay team flew out to Cape Town in October 2022 to host and attend fringe events around the Africa Oil Week conference. As Africa’s leading oil and gas conference, it brings together leading companies operating on the continent, country delegates, services providers and advisors, with a strong London presence due to the UK’s historic ties.

BR, along with its co-hosts Crowe UK, SP Angel, and Watson Farley & Williams, kicked-off the activities with an evening reception on the Sunday night at the Life Grand Cafe. The evening involved a few hours of networking and nibbles, followed by a trip to the infamous, Mitchell’s.

In a more intimate event the following day, BlytheRay, Strand Hanson and Gneiss Energy, hosted a number of clients and colleagues for a lunch at the Bailey. Both receptions bought the opportunity to share ideas, develop business strategies and strengthen relationships between people, all joined by a common interest of developing Africa’s energy industry to support the continent’s growth and aide in global energy security.

Energy Dinner with Guest Speaker, Neil Atkinson

The networking continued back in London the following month as BlytheRay hosted an Energy Dinner along with co-hosts Gowling WLG, Strand Hanson and Crowe UK at the Reform Club in November. Joining the event was guest speaker, Neil Atkinson, former Head of Oil Industry and Markets Division at the International Energy Agency.

After a speech providing valuable insight into the future of the industry, Neil took questions from around the table on topics such as improving access to capital, energy affordability and changing the stigma around oil in light of the ongoing global energy crisis.

The conversations came back to a common understanding that energy is moving away from heavy fuels such as coal, and transitioning to lighter fuels, such as gas, and renewables. Whilst the role of oil and gas is changing, it is still vital to the transition and will remain part of the energy mix for the foreseeable future.

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BlytheRay Hosts AOW Events and an Energy Dinner

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