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Major Inventions and breakthroughs made by Women

BlytheRay discusses International Women’s Day and highlights some significant contributions that women have made to society.
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The Burns night tradition

Burns Night marks the anniversary of the birth of the poet Roberts Burns, one of the most famous and celebrated Scots.
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Festive food inspiration

The BlytheRay team shares their tried and tested ultimate Christmas recipes.
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T20 Cricket World Cup

We look back on the men’s T20 Cricket World Cup tournament that kept us hooked.
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The soundtrack to our days

BlytheRay reflects on our most listened to albums, inspired by the new release from Adele.
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A homage to dining out

We reflect on the joys of dining out and share our favourite restaurants in London
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On the things that did come home

We look back at the sporting highlight of 2021 and the positives that can be taken from the tournament
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Making New Year’s resolutions

We take a look at New Years Resolutions, how the tradition begun and the ones the team made this year
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Protecting our small independent retailers

In this insight, BlytheRay looks at how we can support independent retailers when shopping for Christmas gifts
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We look at how the tradition of dressing up as witches in exchange for sweets began and which horror films the team watched this year
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In this insight, we look at the positives to holidaying on home soil, rather than venturing abroad.
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